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Melissa McDermott

Office 1307 Ramada Inn Office Bldg
45 North Zhongshan RD, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province 210008 P.R. China

Tel:  86-25-83300553
Fax: 86-25-83300949
Cell: 86-13584048423

To whom it may concern,

Genco Berk worked with us to design and decorate an apartment in Top of City, Shanghai.  The response to the apartment design was quite overwhelming—we have been told by several real estate agents in Shanghai that the design is completely unique.  We were able to rent it out at a much higher rent than other apartments in the same building just 4 days after we put it on the market.  (and I have received calls from friends of the tenants, and several real estate agents asking if please, please we could find them something similar, because they are not able to find anything of that design or quality in Shanghai.)  I know this is mainly due to Genco’s collaboration, ideas, and work on this project.

Genco developed the design concept and worked with us from the beginning phase, in detail the floor layout and built-in furniture according to our requirements, while taking account the safety of the structure and the requirements of the management office, supervising the construction team, recommending suppliers for materials and furniture; selecting state of the art lighting control /sound system and decorative details, and working closely with me to choose every detail of the materials and furniture.  He also took care of a few follow up details after the construction was completely finished.  He is experienced, knowledgeable, prompt, polite, and very easy to work with.  In addition he has a fine sense of design, and is very innovative and detailed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any further questions.

Best Regards,

Melissa McDermott

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